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Email Marketing Services

Businesses, no matter how skilled in their craft, need assistance from time to time to meet or exceed their full potential. If you think your company is ready for a boost in revenue and exposure, email marketing from M2 Marketing may be the perfect solution.

With an incredibly high rate of return on investment, this type of promoting turns old customers or potentially interested parties into new buyers through stimulating content and personalised recommendations.

When attempting to manage email marketing campaigns alone, companies often miss out on key opportunities that could drive business in a big way. But M2 Marketing has the talent and data analysis tools to enhance the effectiveness of email ads and assure there is a high return from each digital campaign we program and facilitate. With a high ROI for businesses of all sizes and missions, email marketing is an affordable and effective method to get your business to the next level.

Below is a breakdown of M2 Marketing’s email marketing services.

Automated Follow Ups

Based on a customer’s recent activity on your website, we send automated follow ups directly to customer inboxes. These can range in content from questions about product reviews, new release ads, or encouragement to recommend services or products to others. These emails can be designed for individuals specifically based on their web activity and past purchases so customers feel valued and inspired to return.

Abandoned Cart Alerts

Studies have recently shown that 67% of all shopping carts are abandoned before final purchases are made. And while some individuals may simply be browsing for enjoyment, many of those “lost revenue” customers are on the fence and just need an extra nudge in the right direction to buy. Sending out alerts when a cart has been abandoned can help remind folks they want the items in their carts and can be paired with other incentives to buy.

Tailored Recommendations

The more you know about your customers, the more effective your marketing strategy can be for individual accounts.

That’s why M2 Marketing utilises the industry’s top software to analyse browsing history, prior purchase data, and customer profile information to create unique product recommendations for customers. This type of suggestion and encouragement to buy shows a customer that your company is genuinely invested in them and is also an easy way to advertise specific products.


Digital newsletter campaigns are an incredibly approachable way to advertise products and generate interest without coming off as too pushy or nagging.

M2 Marketing has skilled content creators and analyses tools to design newsletters that both inform and excite readers while also drawing them in and turning them into buyers. Newsletters are a great forum to make specialised product recommendations or remind customers of an abandoned cart, all within the confines of an approachable email that doesn’t read as an advertisement. Plus, M2 is skilled in many leading industry platforms and will gladly adapt and assist in whichever method your company prefers.

A/B Testing

This method of analysis examines all aspects of a campaign–from subject lines and offers to design and picture usage–to compare different renditions of the same email. Through this process, A/B Testing can confirm which version is more effective and will most likely have the higher return. Regardless how large or small your customer base may be, ensuring that your advertisements are reaching their full potential can make a huge impact on your business.

Content Creation

Designing and writing email campaigns can take an extensive amount of time and energy that could be better spent focusing on your business. When you choose M2, our skilled team can create graphics, write copy, and build content for your campaigns. With keen writing ability and industry-leading resources, our writers and design team can sculpt the perfect email to authentically reach your customer base.

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Analytics and Reports

As a standard, all M2 Marketing services come with analytics and reporting. That means that there are in-depth tracking measures in place, including through Google Analytics, to obtain accurate reports for your campaign. With regular performance updates, you will always know where adjustments need to be made and can feel confident in your success and your decision to partner with M2 Marketing.

Whether you are a young business just starting out or a long-established company looking to boost revenue, email marketing could be the missing piece of your puzzle. Contact M2 Marketing today and get that ball rolling!