In 2018, online marketing can be tricky to navigate. The internet is constantly undergoing changes and forcing businesses to adapt to new marketing techniques. Some companies end up neglecting website marketing, intentionally and unintentionally, due to the scope of the task as well as the question as to how expensive of a venture it may be. However, modern internet marketing practices aren’t as daunting as they may appear.

Whether you are new to web marketing or simply looking to up your current web marketing game, here are some of the best online marketing strategies you can practice in 2018:

  1. Create a Company Blog
  2. Market Your Company on Social Media
  3. Send our Company Newsletters / Email Marketing
  4. Brand Your Company – and yourself

Create a Company Blog

A great way to connect with potential customers and current customers is by having a blog for your company with posts added daily or weekly. An industry-specific blog on your website can help convince your website visitors to purchase or at least try your service by showing visitors how helpful your service can be. Quality engaging blog posts is a great form of content marketing, and if done regularly

Try creating a blog post that covers information about your company and showcases specific informative news that is geared towards communicating any new developments to current and prospective customers.

Market Your Company on Social Media

While marketing your company on social media won’t necessarily make it an instant hit, it can certainly get you started on the right route. By building up a social media following that is invested in the information you put out there, you can attract more and more customers. You need to be strategic about the content that you put out there, as it will be the basis for what attracts additional followers to your website. Social media can help your brand gain additional visibility as well as an overall increase in traffic.

Send Out Company Newsletters

Sending out newsletters for your company through email has more potential than many people realize. Email marketing is such an integral part of your marketing strategy because of how inexpensive it is to keep up (it costs next to nothing!) – begin by collecting subscribers that already frequent your website or social media. Once you have a significant list of subscribers, you can send out a simple newsletter with relevant content that encourages your subscribers to visit your site again. Newsletters and email marketing encourage more engagement with your company and they help keep your brand at the front of your subscribers’ minds.

Brand Your Company – and Yourself

While strategic branding of a company is not a tactic that is necessarily new to 2018, it is still incredibly relevant. Creating a solid brand for your company helps it appear more recognizable, therefore making it stand out amongst your competitors.

Another great way to up your online marketing is to brand yourself as the leader of your company. By establishing yourself to your website viewers, you have the opportunity to create a more trustworthy image that promotes your brand. Personal branding also provides you with additional networking opportunities, which can lead to partnerships and other exciting business ventures.

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